5 Sentences


Los Angeles is a sprawl-city consisting of pockets or knots of differentiation located within the homogenous. LAX is not sprawl, but rather a regularized, constant, undifferentiated homogenous node within the homogenous network of air travel.

The project seeks to map the macroscopic sprawl-structure of LA onto LAX, creating a sprawl-ecology in the homogenous dead zone of LAX.

It does so through layering of deformations:

1. injecting a viral deformation into the cartesian structural grid of the parking structure, creating a gradient of intensification through the space.

2. injecting a programatic attractor into the LAX ecology, a theatrical space, knotting the flow of circulation through the airport and drawing travelers into the project.

3. Space is no longer envisioned as neutral or homogenous, but rather reacts to changing occupancy by distortions in the architectural surfaces, creating distinct spatial conditions.


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